Waterside property for sale

Allow yourself to be seduced by one of our properties currently on sale.

Choose a residence that is at the heart of nature, offering breathtaking natural scenery.

Take advantage of the access to Lac des Sitelles, a navigable ecological lake with access to four private beaches and two private tennis courts.

Four-Seasons Development, environmentally respectful project and a special space where nature and tranquility coexist.

Description of the property:

A superb property in round-wood logs, on the shores of Lac des Sitelles. Built in 1999, it contains more than 4000 sq feet of livable floor space. It has 3 c/c bathrooms, one laundry room, and indoor spa and sauna, three fireplaces, two outdoor terraces and a double garage.


250 feet of lake frontage, for a total lot size of 43,000 sq feet.

Price :

1 000 000$

Contact :

Tel:  1 855 297 0949 or 819 822 7772

email: dev4saisons@axion.ca