The 4-Seasons development project: a history. The project was initiated in 1967 by Mr. Jean Sorel Hertzog who, over the years, built on some 1000 acres of land. From the very beginning, the geographical heart of the project has been Lac des Sitelles, where Mr. Hertzog immediately prohibited all gas motors. At the time this was considered a very forward-looking decision and, nearly 50 years later, this policy is still in effect. My name is Jean Bourgault and I became associated with Mr. Hertzog in 1989 with the intention of eventually succeeding him and putting my construction experience to good use with clients who had bought into our project.  Since 1989, we have opened small sectors with the goal of offering personalized services. In recent years I also built, started and operated Auberge 4 Saisons Orford (www.4saisonsorford.com). This lodge was built to a high ecological standard and Environment Canada and Hydro Québec recognized this and awarded us a prize for our efforts. I also supervised the restoration of the panoramic coach of the  Orford Express tourist train as well as the construction of the cruise boat “Le Grand Cru” for the company Escapades Memphrémagog, in Magog. Today I am concentrating my efforts solely on the clients of 4-Seasons Development who choose to retain my services.